Daniel Fleming
Managing Director

Daniel’s first word when he was a baby was ‘bamra’ (camera). Since then he has gained over 13 years experience in the Television Production industry having started out working on RTE’s You’re A Star show. Daniel moved on to become camera operator on tv shows such as No Frontiers, Celebrity Bainisteoir, Room to Improve & Don’t Tell the Bride and working on commercials for Tesco, Vodafone, Heineken & Oral-B. Now Daniel is focusing on growing Aperture Media while also continuing to shoot a variety of television & commercial projects.


Edvinas Maciulevicius
Creative Development & Video Director

His bae is instagram #BaeForever, and he’s teaching us everyday why social media is so important. Edvinas has an unchartered talent, his creative vision and passion for filmmaking is bringing Aperture to new level of video production. He’s a star in the rising and the pretty face in Aperture. Ed is currently going to win the MEE (Most Enthusiastic Employee) award in the Annual Aperture Awards.

We have bets on when we can break his spirit.


Sean Kennedy
Post-Production Supervisor

You will never see Sean without several Apple devices in hand. He has over 15 years experience in post-production and has been working with Aperture Media since its inception. Sean and Daniel met at a film summer course in 2003 and ever since then Sean has been making Daniel’s footage look amazing. Sean graduated from UCC with a Degree in English and a Masters in Multimedia.


Elaine Lucey
Video Editor

Elaine, who has a pet hedgehog called Penguin, joined the Aperture team in 2015. Her real passion is stop-motion animation but she seems quite happy editing and grading any kind of video material and continually drawing on the office whiteboards. She brings an enthusiastic and hardworking mentality to work and believes strongly in ‘if you’re going to do it, do it right’ mantra. She likes continually ‘upping her game’ and trying to ‘out-edit’ Sean. Elaine graduated from IT Tralee with a Degree in Interactive Multimedia.

Niamh Burke

Niamh runs our Accounts Department and we all know how you must treat your accounts department colleagues, after all they have the power. Niamh is the first Mum we have had the pleasure of working with. She looks after us and passes on Motherly advice that everyone needs every once in awhile. But don’t be fooled, she may be 5’1’ but packs the biggest punch in the office.

Future CEO of the company.