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Thomas Heising

Motion Graphics Animator | Aperture Media

Uncertainty gripped us all last year in 2020. Because of this, at Aperture Media, we anticipated that there would be an even greater need for storytelling and communications. In turn we explored how we could offer additional means in order to promote the stories and topics our clients were trying to communicate. 


Video communications and webinars have now become standard platforms for us all, and it is not always easy to get the desired attention from today’s audiences. With businesses all around the world relying on social media, graphics, conferencing apps and websites to show what they do, attention-grabbing and engaging content is more important than ever.

Motion graphics at Aperture Media

At Aperture, we’ve found providing video and communications solutions amalgamating multiple formats i.e. video conferencing/broadcasting, pre-recorded video content and motion graphics to be advantageous to our clients.


Our clients converted their events from physical conferences to virtual ones and with our expertise we have aided them in what is required in this transition. Along with this came the challenge of keeping viewers of these events to maintain interest and attention.


Using motion graphics and animation, we have been able to help our clients show off data, their brand, insights into their products and services, explain abstract concepts and information and give presentations with eye-catching and engaging visuals. Examples include visually communicating findings from medical research papers, substituting static PowerPoint presentations with dynamic and visually intuitive animated graphics, breathing life into educational material and E-Learning content and bringing brand imagery to life by animating logos and product showcases.

Motion Graphics services by Aperture Media

We continue to provide our clients with these services and while the use of animated graphics in communications is far from new, the pandemic has pushed more of our clients into the digital realm, and has highlighted the benefits of exploring new ways of communicating and telling the stories of their businesses. With our expertise at hand, we supply animated graphics keeping audiences and desired strategy outcomes in mind, and are lucky to be able to execute a great number of styles and projects.

Motion graphics and animations are extremely effective in the right context, and while there are countless ways we can communicate a message, depending on the style, topic at hand and context, we are here to assist you and guide you in determining the best pathway for your business.

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