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Jordan Murshed

Creative Video Director | Aperture Media

Today, companies around the world have started discovering the benefits of online video advertising. The Internet supplies an excellent venue for visual sales presentations and infomercials. With a growing number of consumers relying upon mobile technology and streamed content, the importance of online video advertising seems destined to increase during the next few years. Previously, we have created a variety of online content for brands such as Rationel Windows & Doors, Deliveroo, Heineken, The Health Store and many more, in order to assist them in expanding their brand awareness and customer engagement. This brief blog post explores three key trends in this marketplace: 

  1. Expect Direct to Consumer Brands to Rely Heavily Upon Online Video Ads


One of the most significant recent trends in online video advertising across the globe. Increasingly, direct to consumer sales occur through this venue. Companies engaged in marketing their goods and services to the public (instead of through wholesalers or retail outlets) often discover investing in effective online video ads supplies a very powerful marketing tool. This form of advertising enables an enterprise to present its products to a potentially interested and receptive audience more effectively than print media, for example. As consumers in growing numbers become more comfortable making purchases online, the available marketplace for direct to consumer brands appears poised to thrive.

  1. Targeted Ads Will Assume Increasing Importance


In the past, companies often searched for video production companies capable of creating effective general interest commercials. Yet the combination of digital media and streamed content creation services now permit highly targeted, selective advertising directed towards specific niche markets. In an editorial published online earlier this year, Kevin Hunt, a Senior Vice President of SpotX predicted the relevancy of ads may soon surpass issues of reach in importance. This trend holds great importance for content creators and creative teams interested in producing video ads of interest to specific audiences.



  1. Ads in Online Educational Videos Receive Closer Audience Attention


One interesting new trend in online video advertising suggests that educational videos currently offer great potential as marketing platforms. According to some studies, consumers watching these videos online pay closer attention not only to the informational content itself, but also to online ad content packaged with the video. Streamed educational video content may offer a very cost-effective advertising platform for production company advertising campaigns. While it remains important from an ethical standpoint to clearly distinguish between educational content and advertising, audiences interested in acquiring knowledge may also prove more receptive to sales content.

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