Video Vs. Video Marketing: How to Raise Your Bottom Line Up

Daniel Fleming

Managing Director | Aperture Media

Without a doubt, no other online content is as engaging as video. But what you do with that attention can be the difference between “brand awareness” and driving your bottom line up.

Although I’m passionate about video I’m not so naive as to think most business owners are too. They don’t want video per-se, they want something that will generate leads. It just happens to be so, that video marketing has become the best vehicle for getting results.

That is not to say that brand awareness videos are redundant. Absolutely not! If you’re a big brand like Coca-Cola or Under Armour, than without a doubt creating an artistic piece that touches the audience’s hearts will effectively humanise your brand. It makes those huge corporation seem more approachable and friendly. In fact most businesses can benefit from videos that carry this message – but when marketing budgets are tight, first things gotta come first.


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To avoid wasting your companies time and budget I recommend starting off with an IVM (Integrated Video Marketing) approach. This means incorporating video into a broader marketing strategy that uses it as a tool – the sizzle that sells the steak.

Video by itself will get you attention but take a step back and consider: what value do those video views really carry? Will they be enough to sell your product or service? To an extent yes. But the direction in which you guide that attention will be the difference between video views and solid, measurable leads.

Introducing Facebook Adverts. The most effective way to generate leads today. That is where your IVM should start. If you’re trying to promote or sell anything online I recommend getting familiar with the platform. It has one of the most in depth targeting systems in place that allows you to, at extremely low cost, position your video in front of the right person at the right time.

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