Creative Marketing – Little Johnny Case Study

Little Johnny Video Shoot

Little Johnny : Creative Case Study We all know that in order to push a product and ensure that it reaches the correct demographic you’re looking for, you need to market the product. Marketing informs a consumer about the product or indeed the service you’re providing and in today’s society, the more creative and engaging […]

It’s Not Video, It’s A Story

Aperture Media setting up a leisure scene to record

It’s not video. it’s a story It’s Not Video, It’s A Story Every media marketing agency in Ireland will tell you that video is “where it’s at”. If you look at what statistics project, you’ll see that video content is taking over the web at an exponential rate. By 2017, online video will account for […]

Video Vs. Video Vs. Video Marketing: How to Raise Your Bottom Line Up

Aperture Media shooting footage in leisure centre

Video Vs. Video Marketing: How to Raise Your Bottom Line Up Without a doubt, no other online content is as engaging as video. But what you do with that attention can be the difference between “brand awareness” and driving your bottom line up. Although I’m passionate about video I’m not so naive as to think […]

Facebook Is Eating Up Your Newspaper

Aperture Media Facebook Blog

Facebook is eating Up Your Newspaper You want to create a buzz around your business. You want people talking about it, recommending it to their friends but most importantly you want them to become your customers. There are many ways to market yourself and advertising in a magazine or a newspaper is one way to […]